Unrivalled taste

How it all started

On a cold and wet Saturday, October 2020, with strict lockdown, we picked two hot coffees from the nearby kiosk in Schlachte, Bremen and sat by the river Weser.


I was new to this beautiful Hanseatic city and after lighting a roll up I noticed just across the river the factory of the famous beer Beck’s. Then I asked my goddess ‘Do you think that if I just go across and knock their door saying that I am a good boy, will they offer me a free beer’? The reply came in a split second ‘No, no way, they won’t even offer you a glass of water’… ‘Um, ok then, in this case I will produce my own beer’, I added, without knowing that I will eventually make my joke a reality.

A few months later, after going through a deep search of all top breweries of Germany, NATASA Beer was established.


George Karahalios

Founder, Natasa Beer U.G.

Um, ok then, in this case I will produce my own beer

Unrivalled taste

We enjoy together